We offer our clients:

1. Reduction of the risk of financial obligations resulting from inaccurate tax reports and financial statements to the minimum. A specialised company is responsible for an accurate disclosure of transactions. Furthermore, the client is not required to participate in the tax audits in person.

2. Considerable savings of variable costs. Clients using the services of a specialised company can save time and resources on the selection and hiring of professional staff, on setting up new employees’ workplaces (office furniture, computer, office equipment, software, office rent, etc.), on procedures, social contributions, disability leave-related payments, annual leave payments, costs related to training, professional updating, consultancy, etc.

3. Reduction of human factor effects on the performance of the accounting department. The client gains access to a controllable corporate service accountable for its performance under a rigorous procedure. When providing the contracted accounting and tax services to a particular client, the specialised company is fully subject to confidentiality provisions. Confidentiality is ensured under the corporate policy of the specialised company aiming for long-term cooperation with clients.

4. Flexible performance, based on a permanent and continuous operational process during which an opportunity to mutually replace staff is ensured without entailing an adverse effect on the quality of performance. A specialised company is not affected by changes in operational volumes due to increased or decreased business and related costs.

5. Analysis of the client’s cash flows and financial budgeting.


The fees for accounting services are determined by reference to 2 criteria – the basic package price and additional services commissioned by the client.

The basic package price:

• depends on the number of supporting documents to be processed per month and the nature of the company’s business;

• where the company does not carry out business activities, the fee for services shall be charged just once a year for the drafting of the Annual report.

For an operating company that is a Latvian VAT payer, the basic service fee starts from 30 Ls per month (inclusive of VAT at 21 %). The amount of the fee is affected by the number of employees, the number of incoming and outgoing documents, cash register receipts, receipts, as well as the number of bank and cash transactions during a particular month. The basic fee comprises work for timely processing of the primary accounting documents supplied by the client, preparation and filing of financial reports with the State Revenue Service, printouts from registers as well as completion of the general ledger on a monthly basis.